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XeroSox® is the original vacuum sealed bandage and cast cover.

For more than 20 years we have been manufacturing XeroSox® bandage and cast covers for health professionals, medical distributors, hospitals and pharmacies around the world. The cast cover has a vacuum seal means it’s absolutely waterproof. You can actually feel that it’s secure and leak proof.

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Shower, bathe, swim and go to the beach with complete confidence and total waterproof protection.

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Our Commitment to Quality

We have continued to refine the XeroSox® bandage and cast cover, improving the formulation for durability and stretchiness, changing to an ergonomic hand pump that snaps on, increasing the grip of the tread, and making the XeroSox® bandage and cast cover easier to slide on.

Dr. Frederick George invented the XeroSox® bandage and cast cover for his patients’ hygiene and convenience. We are the original manufacturer and wholesaler of the product. Since the XeroSox® cast cover is our product, we don’t have to pay any patent licensing fees, unlike other imitation products. We have lower overhead costs, which are passed along as savings to you.

We continue to be the highest quality, most reliable and safest of all protectors, whether used to protect casts, bandages, prostheses or PICC lines.

Remember, for 20 years XeroSox® with its vacuum seal, has proven to be the only absolutely leak proof cast and bandage cover.

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